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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Lime Tree for San Cristobal

On this island, all the tortoises are priests
of an exclusive past. What other living thing
survives on prickly pear and guava? The pure
sting of citrus delivers perfume in a halo
of blossoms.
My carpentry here is rough
and leaves me dreaming of Spanish arches.
If there's anything a coast imparts, it's patience
with imperfect lines.
Today's specimen: Eel dark
reddish purplish brown with pale or whitish 
brown spots.
I know I'm still alive because I love
to eat. On the table's a gift
from fishermen: pink gills embroidered
blood, the eyes--two mirrors snapped over
with iron. This shark that I will cut and soak 
in lime has a mouth made for eating darkness--
an architecture built without a need for dawn.

--Katherine Larson

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