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Friday, April 13, 2012

Search for a Definition

(On Seeing a Painting by Bradley Walker Tomlin)

Always the smallest act

in this time of acts

larger than life, a gesture
toward the thing that passes

almost unseen. A small wind

disturbing a bonfire, for example,
which I found the other day
by accident

on a museum wall. Almost nothing
is there: a few wisps
of white

thrown idly against the pure black
background, no more
than a small gesture
trying to be nothing

more than itself. And yet
it is not here
and to my eyes will never become
a question
of trying to simplify
the world, but a way of looking for a place
to enter the world, a way of being
among the things
that do not want us--but which we need
to the same measure that we need
ourselves. Only a moment before
the beautiful

who stood beside me
had been saying how much she wanted
a child
and how time was beginning
to run out on her. We said
we must each write a poem
using the words "a small

disturbing a bonfire." Since that time

has meant more than the small
present in these words, the act
of trying to speak


that mean almost nothing. To the very end
I want to be equal

to whatever it is
my eye will bring me, as if
I might finally see myself

let go
in the nearly invisible

that carry us along with ourselves and all
the unborn children

into the world.

--Paul Auster

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