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Friday, April 6, 2012


This bit-open earth.
Arbor: in the neigh of branches.
The shallow night, merging
with noon.

I speak to you
of the word that mires in the smell
of here-after.
I speak to you of the fruit
I shoveled up
from below.
I speak to you of speech.

Humus colors. Buried in the rift
till human. The day's prismatic blessing--divisible
by breath. Starling paths,
snake furrows, seeds. What burns
is banished.
Is taken with you.
Is yours.

A man
walks out from the voice
that became me.
He has vanished.
He has eaten
the ripening word
that killed you and
killed you.

He has found himself,
standing in the place
where the eye most terribly holds
its ground.

--Paul Auster (who knew he was a poet, too?)

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  1. Talented man, that Auster. His last two stanzas speak so much to his fiction with the scent of autobiography, I think.