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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Story that ran in the Jefferson Elementary School newsletter, June 1989

Play Hits Jefferson Hard!

by Kristen Elde

As we prepare this paper
the Drama Club presented the
Alice in Wonderland play to
Jefferson school, and believe
me it was a huge success! Every-
one in the cast looked so real-
istic in their elaborate cos-
tumes. It was just like the real
thing! All the practices really
paid off.

As Mr. Kurtenbach said,
"Every little detail helps a lot.
There is no such thing as a
small part."

She was right! The cards
looked so stiff and straight as
they waddled down the aisle, the
birds to had great costumes,
their feathers flapping, and the
flowers were so graceful with
their beautiful petals. Tweedle
Dee and Tweedle Dum were hilari-
ous! They could not stop gig-
gling and the Queen, Katheryn
just made ya crack up, when she
yelled "Off with her head."

There were so many more
details that there just isn't
enough room. I don't know about
all you out there, but I think
the Alice in Wonderland play
is the biggest thing that has ever
happened to Jefferson!

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