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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fifth grade writings, 1988-89

Written first day of school:

Dear Ms. Figurelli,
My favorite subjects are English, Math, Art, and Social Studies. I love writing stories. But I have to say, I get really shaky and nervous when I have to read out loud, so don't be surprised. I also like art alot. I like to draw and paint. I like challenging things. I like gym, but I'm not too great at it. I love to read. My favorite series of books are Anne of Green Gables. I think it will be a fun year. Your friend, Kristen Elde

Written last day of school:

Dear Ms. Fig,
You are so-ooo cool! You have a great sense of humor. Because of that you make school interesting. You listen to peoples' problems. I can come to you and just talk to you like a friend. I like it when Tara and I come to see you sometimes after school. We play volleyball with your little ball from Brie, we talk to you about boy problems. Anyway, I want you to know that you are the best teacher that I have ever had! Your dearest student, Kristen Elde

Written at fifth grade graduation tea:

I'm setting my sails for getting through my school years and then going to college for about four years. Later on I'd like to become either an artist or an author. I'd like to live on the top of a small cliff overlooking the ocean in Hawaii. That way I could get really good ideas for books and paintings. I'd like to get married and have a boy and a girl.

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