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Saturday, January 3, 2015

On the Merry-Go-Round with My Toddler Son

I had forgotten what it was like
so was surprised 
when the ride started
and our horse took off,
up-down up-down
on a gold pole
as old-time piano 
rang overhead.
Round and around we sped
I could hardly think
it was all I could do,
standing there,
to keep my son’s 
small form from sliding
off the slick back 
of our carnival mare.
I was laughing and laughing,
high off challenge and sweetness, 
though still the stress
of holding my son up. 
Through the din of the music
and my own laughter 
came the words of my husband and a friend, 
who were watching:
“He’s becoming more and more aerodynamic!”
“One with the horse!”

And then it was over.
The music stalled, the horses slowed,
and my son turned to face me.
He held out his arms.
I lifted him down
and he slid easily out
into the rest of the day.


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