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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monody to the Sound of Zithers

I have wanted other things more than lovers …  
I have desired peace, intimately to know  
The secret curves of deep-bosomed contentment,  
To learn by heart things beautiful and slow.

Cities at night, and cloudful skies, I’ve wanted; 
And open cottage doors, old colors and smells a part;  
All dim things, layers of river-mist on river—  
To capture Beauty’s hands and lay them on my heart.  

I have wanted clean rain to kiss my eyelids,  
Sea-spray and silver foam to kiss my mouth. 
I have wanted strong winds to flay me with passion;  
And, to soothe me, tired winds from the south.  

These things have I wanted more than lovers …  
Jewels in my hands, and dew on morning grass—  
Familiar things, while lovers have been strangers. 
Friended thus, I have let nothing pass. 

--Kay Boyle

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