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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hypoglycemia: A Love Poem


I graze the day’s first part;
ride drifts of your narration,
traces of my sensation.

So it goes: I jolted you awake
with a terrible surprise show—
contract, relax, repeat—violent and involuntary.
You knew the story and came with sugar packets,
but my swallowing was broken.
You urged my limbs into shirt and shorts
before help could arrive, did arrive.
With it, hormone injection met with cries of perplexion;
words of the EMT: we should take her in just in case;
in the ambulance, you by my side...
So little of this is mine.

But in time things took shape.
This much: waking to clanging,
strange braid of shouts and
murmurs, sharp lick of antiseptic.
And right there, You,
your eyes small with caring;
my heart, my love: acute.


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