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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eye as measure

"The sense of line in my own work is something dynamic, to find what suffices in any given situation, though I must admit that, speaking of geometry, the eye is the measure by which I generally lineate. Within me is an inner carpenter who seeks to plane lines consistently throughout the course of a stanza or poem. While I love and advocate messy and serrated music, it takes conscious effort on my part to craft lines longer or shorter than the ones that come before it. I think this is related to my sense that as poets we are crafting something that when well-made can be held in the palm of the hand like an inlaid box. Ultimately, I have little use for a box that resembles a drunk rhombus or a ragged sleeve--I may look at such artifacts curiously, but I'm certainly not going to store anything in it." --Tim Seibles

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