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Monday, May 9, 2011

Hope Rising

In homage to Kay Ryan

Proven out of fashion
is easily solved
with a trip to the mall,
if one even considers
this a problem. There,
find the day’s filigree
shown on size-three replicas
for ease in selecting a set
aligned with current clime.

Found out of hope
is a different issue. Hope
is not saleable or copyable,
a lack of it unhelped
by mannequin example.
If it’s the real thing
and not Hope Light
(wish for sun, or to be
looked favorably upon)
one generally has to wait
for it to well up. When
hope hits the waterline,
a certain loose seal
is established, grip
slightly susceptible,
technically soluble,
but hardly fickle. It’s
quite unlike fashion’s
hold on acid wash, or bangs
impossible to crush.


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