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The occasional piece of my own and a generous helping of others' creations I find inspiring. Site is named for a beloved book by one of my favorite writers, Italo Calvino, whose fanciful work lights--and delights--my soul.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"When I get home, the neighbor's dog is barking. When I go to sleep, my lovely wife is snoring. At five in the morning, I'm awakened by NPR telling me one more thing I don't want to know. What a noisy world! And inside my head, Sy drones on and on: his plans for the future; his regrets about the past. It's still easier for me to work hard all day than to sit still for twenty minutes each morning, observing the thoughts and feelings that arise in me. How instantly I label them mine. How quick I am to deny or defend them."

"Pablo Neruda: 'If we were not so singleminded about keeping our lives moving and for once could do nothing, perhaps a huge silence might interrupt this sadness of never understanding ourselves and of threatening ourselves with death.'"

--Sy Safransky

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